It's like a cup of coffee in Poland

meeting and attention - priceless

This service includes:

  • meeting upon arrival by our manager;
  • handling;
  • help with local sim-card;
  • assistance in a new country: information on transport, prices, places and useful phrases;
  • assistance in booking/buying travel tickets;
  • additional consultations on country legal, accounting services etc.

The price of this service is only 10 PLN!

To satisfy more demands, we offer extended services –  TRANSFERMAN.

In addition to HANDLIK you get:

  • Specialty  drinks - tea and coffee;
  •  Luggage carrying in our saving cameras up to 3 days;
  • Free Wi-Fi zone.
  • Assistance in accommodation (hostel, hotel or the apartment);
  • Guidance to the hostel, employment Agency, workplace etc;
  • Brief guidance through the most interesting places of the city;
  • Interpreter services.

The price of this extended service is only 40 PLN!

Additionally, for those of you who have used the services of  HANDLIK and TRANSFERMAN we offer a free to try (within 30 minutes anytime) our COWORKING, where you can meet with your Polish partners, work with comfort, hold a seminar or workshop, or simply meet with your friends. Our coworking includes:

  • comfortable sofas;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • aromatic coffee and delicious tea with cookies;
  • help of our assistants;
  • a huge whiteboard and crayons;
  • TV.

We invite everyone in our offices:
Krakow: st. Lubomirskiego, 3, office 1
Kyiv: st. S. Petlyury, 32 (Railway station/Bus station "Kiev"); Central Bus Station, Science Avenue 1
Lviv: pl. Dvortsovaya, d. 1 (Railway station RS-8)