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Number of seats is limited.
Tickets can be purchased from the following cities:
Kiev, Zhitomir, Rivne, Kherson, Nikolaev, Odesa, Uman, Vinnitsa, Khmelnytsky, Ternopil, Lviv, Leipzig, Braunschweig, Hanover, Bielefeld, Dortmund, Essen, Wuppertal, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Cottbus, Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Osnabruck



Travel Better!
Buy tickets from Ukraine to Poland and the Czech Republic for only 100 UAH!

Promotional terms:
The promotion is valid for registered users of the site on flights from Ukraine to Poland and the Czech Republic.
Validity: until August 31, 2018.
One user can buy no more than 2 tickets at a price of 100 UAH.


Meeting service Warsaw and Krakow

HANDLIK service

We all have the same questions when come to another country: where to live, where to have lunch at moderate price and how to get to the needed place without paying a taxi driver three times as much. Language barrier and luggage also prevent us from simply enjoying a journey.
Combiway, our partner in Poland, offers an excellent solution – HANDLIK! This convenient and useful service includes:
  • meeting at the bus upon arrival by Combiway representative;
  • help with heavy luggage;
  • help with arrangement of mobile communications and a SIM-card;
  • assistance in a foreign country: you will be taught necessary phrases in Polish, get advice on transportation, not expensive accommodation and meals;
  • assistance with buying a ticket if you go further;
  • in case you need help on getting a job, assistance on legal or accountancy issues - we will be glad to help you!
Service cost is 10 zlotys only!


Are you going from Ukraine to Europe? Our Polish partner Combiway offers a new service especially for you. If you don’t want to waste your time wandering across a strange city and feel nervous under the new circumstance, we will provide you with meeting and all preparations!
Order TRANSFERMAN service to get help of an assistant from Combiway, who will tell you where to stay, where to have good and not expansive meals and how to get to the needed place. He can also accompany you and arrange a brief but interesting excursion. While doing the sights you will get advice on transportation, prices and many other things you need to know during the first days of life in a new city. You can be assisted in accommodation search, in communication in Polish and in having your luggage locked for up to 3 days if needed.
Service cost is 40 zlotys only!
Additionally to the ordered HANDLIK and TRANSFERMAN services, you can make use of our coworking service for free for 30 minutes any time you need! This service will allow you to meet with your partners, work, hold a business event or just play cards with your friends while waiting for a bus.
You will get access to WI-FI will be offered convenient sofas, tea and coffee with cookies, big blackboard with crayons, a TV as well as help of assistants.
We are waiting for you in our offices:
  • in Warsaw: 13 Smolna Str., 5th floor, room 502
  • in Krakow: 3 Lubomirskiego Str.
  • In Kiev: 32, S. Petliury Str. (Railway station, “Kiev” bus station);
  • Main bus station, 1, Nauki Lane
  • In Lviv: 1 Dvirtseva square (Railway station, Bus station-8)

"Ticket free tours"

In many tours you can use an electronic ticket without printing it. Just show it to the driver directly from the screen of your mobile or tablet! This service can be applied to some tours marked with a special icon (icon) and going through Krakow, Warsaw, Lviv and Kiev. We have more such tours with every new day since we actively introduce this service together with our partner carriers. We work to make buying tickets through our website even easier!

Special offer upon signing up

Conditions of the special offer. Sign up and get 10 UAH!

Three reason to sign up at COMBIWAY UKRAINE

  1. You will be provided with your personal cabinet having handy tools for searching and buying tickets, personal account and other advantages.
  2. You will become a participant of our loyalty program and can automatically accumulate discounts for each ticket you buy.
  3. You will get a present in the amount of 10 UAH upon signing up!

Accumulation system of discounts

Conditions of the special offer. Our users get 1-3% BONUS to their personal account for each bought ticket.
Pay attention!  If you ordered a ticket but did not pay for it, the spent bonuses cannot be returned!

Conditions of getting bonuses

Additional accumulation discount is a conditional unit of measurement, which stands for a certain percentage from the order sum (from 1% to 3%).

Registered users will get a summary accumulation discount to their personal account every time they buy a ticket for themselves or for their friends, acquaintances or travel companions. Having accumulated the discount, it can be used to buy ticket for a bus or a train – any trip available on our website.
Have you bought a ticket without signing up? Don’t worry – if you sign up within 24 hours after the ticket was paid, you can get your bonuses if visit a link from the order page!

Pay attention! You will get an accumulation discount for every bought ticket, no matter if this ticket is for you, for your friend, relative or colleague.

Loyal customers of COMBIWAY UKRAINE can travel often, at a low price and with comfort.
Become a member of the loyalty program!
We wish you a good luck in search for the best price for tickets and a good trip by bus!
General Director of  COMBIWAY UKRAINE Aleksandr Vakhovskiy.