How to see the schedule, prices and book the ticket

Ways to pay for the booked tickets

To pay for the tickets booked on our site you may use different convenient for you methods:
All payment methods work in automated mode, after payment the sending of the ticket is always duplicated to the specified email address.
If you have any questions or problems, our managers will help you.
Important! Always print your ticket out – you will have to show it during the boarding.

Paying with a bank card

You may pay with a bank card right after making a booking or request for available ticket.

 In order to do that you choose the payment method VISA / Master Card. After you push the button “VISA / Master Card” you will go to the Bank's page for the payment. Enter the required data. Be sure to specify the phone number to which you will get via SMS the confirmation codes. For holders of PrivatBank cards it is desirable to specify the phone number that is related to the bank card services (it was specified in the contract). For cardholders of cards issued by other banks, it is possible that an additional verification code will also be required via SMS.
Before the payment be sure:
  • there is a limit of money amount for the on-line payment with this card;
  • there is sufficient amount of money for such payment on the card;
  • there is sufficient limit of money amount for the on-line payment with this card;
  • if you are not currently in the country of your citizenship than inform your bank about that (because banks due to security issues sometimes block such payments).
To pay with a bank card is safe and very convenient payment method.

Payments in cash departments

Payments in cash departments of Ukrainian banks is the simplest way to pay in cash.
After the order is formed choose among the payment methods the “Cash departments of banks” button.
After clicking this button:
  • Invoice for the payment for the order will be sent to your email,
  • With this invoice you visit any branch of any bank in Ukraine and pay there for the booked travel.
  • After that the e-ticket is sent to the e-mail address specified by you in the order.
The e-ticket should be printed out in order to show it during the boarding.

To pay using terminals of PrivatBank

If it is more convenient for you to pay for the tickets in cash, then after the order is made push the “In terminals of PrivatBank” button – it is about self-service payment terminals of PrivatBank.
After clicking the button with the choice of payment using the terminals, you will go to the page of PrivatBank. On the page of the bank, you have to enter the phone number again in order to get an SMS with a verification code to it, then enter the received code and click the “Create an Invoice” button.
When you get the number of the invoice (Invoice) – write down this number or remember it. There are self-service payment terminals of PrivatBank in almost every settlement in Ukraine, they are in branches of the bank, in big shops or other public places.
Please note that the time for payment is limited by the time of booking the seats for the trip, usually this time is from 2 to 36 hours. You can specify the time for payment after clicking the "Back to the site" button or when returning to the site - in its upper right corner you can see the status of the order - "Current order". When you click this "Current order" button, you will see there the time allotted for the payment.

How to pay using the terminal

  • click "Banking Services" on the left side of the screen;
  • in the opened options choose “The simplest payments”;
  • enter your phone number and receive a confirmation code;
  • now the system will automatically find your order for payment and display it on the screen;
  • enter cash into the terminal (attention: the terminal does not give the rest from the paid amount back, therefore put into it the exact amount required. If you put more money than the exact amount required, you can send the rest to the mobile phone account replenishment or another purpose).
After payment, the ticket will be automatically issued, and it will be sent to your email address specified in the booking.
After the payment, you can print out the electronic ticket unlimited number of times directly from the site using the "Current Order" section in the menu.
IMPORTANT! Always print your e-ticket out – you must show it during the boarding!

Payment from a current account using Privat24

Account holders in PrivatBank can pay for booked tickets from their current accounts using the Privat24 service.
In order to do this, you must log in to your account. After logging in the system, you enter the card number. Later the code will come to your phone number; you must enter this code to confirm the payment for the booked ticket.
After debiting funds from your current account, the electronic ticket will be sent automatically to you to the email box specified in the booking.
You can also print an e-ticket if you return to the site from the "Current Order" section.

It is safe to use “Privat24”!

There is a multi-level security system. 
  • To access the "Privat24" two passwords are used – the permanent one which was set by you personally, and the dynamic one which is used to confirm operations in the system. Dynamic password is generated each time as a new one and comes in SMS to your phone.
  • Restrictions were imposed on the amount of transactions during the day and during the month.
  • To encrypt the transmitted data, the system uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, which provides secure connections between the web server and the client's browser.