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Enjoy VISA free but NOT insurance free travel!

Visa free travel extends boundaries. About thirty countries have already joined visa free traveling program for Ukrainians. Going abroad to get a portion of new impressions, make sure you get the information on health insurance in the countries you are going to visit. It is not compulsory in our country, but every tourist can get insurance and relax while being ill somewhere at sunny beaches or at mountain ski resorts and be sure that all costs will be covered.
You can also save your precious time and money for arranging a medical insurance policy for those traveling abroad and take a risk to go to rest without health insurance. But in this case be ready to pay a fortune for treatment in case of an accident, and then you will understand that good health is above wealth, but won’t it be too late?

Many of us think that it is only mountain ski resort that may be dangerous for our health. This is an erroneous belief! Sharp change of climate and regimen, food products, change of temperatures, venomous insects and mollusks will wait for you at every step, wherever you are. Even the sun can do irreparable damage in case of heat illness. Do you think that ill-minded persons waiting for tourists to diddle them out of their money is a typical situation only for our country? You are wrong again! This is far not a complete list of troubles waiting for you abroad.

Health insurance guarantees that you will not be alone with your problem in a foreign country if needed. COMBIWAY UKRAINE offers its clients to take care of their security during a trip and buy insurance policy of our partner, one of the leading insurance companies in this kind of insurance – “Kyi Avia Garant” insurance company.

Why do hundreds of tourists choose insurance from “Kyi Avia Garant” insurance company?

We take care of our clients, that’s why we have chosen the company that has been working in the insurance field since 1999 and has become one of the leaders of touristic insurance. Qualified personnel of the Assisting company will provide you with 24/7 reliable support during a trip to any corner of the world.
Our partner:
  • will provide 24 hour support and will arrange all needed medical aid;
  • will give guarantees and will cover all urgent medical service you received abroad;
  • will provide you with an individual approach while solving issues in case of an insurance event;
  • will take into account requests of the most demanding travelers;
  • will guarantee complete confidentiality of data relating the requests and health of the insured persons.

What does health insurance cover?

No one is immune to an accident. In case you suffered from an unpleasant event during your trip, insurance company undertakes itself to cover all medical costs according to the conditions of the insurance agreement. Such events include:
  • all events related to rendering urgent medical aid;
  • getting different traumas and/or injuries as a result of an accident;
  • making urgent surgeries in order to rescue life and/or health of the insured person;
  • treatment of cold-related diseases and cardiovascular diseases;
  • bites (injuries) made by animals, insects or sea animals;
  • foodborne illness, drug and chemical intoxication;
  • electric trauma;
  • burns and freezing injuries;
  • heat illness and many others.
And this is far not the whole list!

When entering into an insurance agreement pay special attention to the exceptions from the insurance events as well as insurance restrictions. The following are the cases when the insurance company can refuse to cover costs of your insurance event:
  • insurance event that happened as a result of consumption of alcohol or under the effect of drugs or toxic substances;
  • cost of cosmetic surgery (in case you suddenly realized that you have too big nose or too small breast);
  • treatment of allergic and chronic conditions, etc.
You also shouldn’t hope for cost recovery in case of intended injury of your body.

Your actions in case of an insurance event

All you need to do in case of an insurance event is only urgently contact the Assisting company and explain what kind of aid you require. You can find all possible options and contact data for reaching the Assisting company in your policy or in its attachments. Further you will only need to follow recommendations of the Assisting company, which will take care of the arrangement of all needed medical aid in any corner of the world 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

What should you do in case you need urgent medical aid and you have no chance to inform the Assisting or insurance company about this? Don’t worry! Go to the nearest medical facility by yourself or visit a doctor and show your policy (in case you have it with you) to the doctor to get urgent medical aid. As soon as you are given urgent aid, contact the Assisting company in any convenient way (call, send a message via Skype, send SMS, leave information on the website of the Assisting company or send an e-mail) and inform its specialists on the insurance event. Keep all medical documents, receipts, prescriptions and other documents, so as the insurance company can cover the costs spent for treatment.

Health insurance is a guarantee of comfortable rest

Health insurance policy is a very important and necessary document in any trip. It will provide you with the needed aid in case of an insurance event abroad. Good if you have money and can pay for treatment or for getting home. And what if you don’t have such resources? Think about who will take care of you in a foreign country. Taking a risk is not reasonable! Why starting anything when you can’t foresee the result? The only right solution is to arrange health insurance for going abroad.

We wish you a good trip! Spend time with benefit and get maximum pleasure and bright impressions during your journey. Let your vacation fill you with renewed vigor, cheerfulness and energy, and problems and hardships stay away from you!