All dispatching phone numbers as well as a bus number will be specified on a ticket.

Unfortunately, our company has no such service as «package transportation». 

The ticket must be printed. You can print it directly from your e-mail at home, at your friends’ place or at any PC café.

We have presale of bus tickets. You can board a bus only if you already have your ticket bought and printed.

Most of our buses are of «Neoplan», «Setra» и «Van Hool» models. They are comfortable touristic buses meeting the standards of international carriage.

Contact our call center and say a booking number or a phone number you specified while booking a ticket. Our agent will check if the payment was confirmed. In case the payment was not confirmed, please, call the bank and confirm your payment over the phone. After the money is transferred, you will get the ticket to your e-mail.

You need to visit our office and fill in a ticket refund blank. You must have a payment receipt and copies of your documents (passport and identification code) with you. Pay attention! There is a penalty for a ticket return, which is 25-75% from the ticket cost.

To get a ticket refund you need to fill in an application, which we will send to the specified e-mail. For this, you will require copies of your documents (passport and identification code). Specify the amount to be refunded for one ticket in the application (XXX UAH).
Pay attention! Money refund may take more than a week.

The amount you paid for the ticked is specified on the route sheet. Amount on the tickets is specified without tourism fees.

Time of arrival is specified taking into account time spent at the border, though delays happen, unfortunately. Have leeway!

This is carrier’s decision to specify a seat at boarding.

We are carriers’ agents.

You need to visit Visa center on issues relating a visa. There you will be provided with more competent advice.

Signing up on our website will make our cooperation more convenient. Upon signing up, you can see the history of orders (data on booking and purchase of tickets). There is also an accumulation bonus program on our website for registered users.

An electronic ticket has your data (surname and name). A printed ticket is your travel document. Besides, a driver gets lists of passengers. All measures are taken to avoid such situations.

We apologize for any inconvenience. We always (!) inform our clients on changes regarding the trip over the telephone. If we can’t reach a client for some reason, we send a notification via e-mail. This is why it is very important to give the right telephone number and e-mail address when buying a ticket. We need your contacts to give a feedback in case the bus is cancelled or other changes take place.

We need to check this information with a carrier. In case of positive answer, you will need to take a special cage and documents on your animal. In case some of passengers have an allergy to animals, a pet can be placed together with luggage.

Our company renders only sale tickets carriers! We have no such service as «a package transportation», so we don’t carry responsibility for your package.

According to the conditions of a ticket return, you must give us the filled application for refund. We can cancel your trip and return your money only if we have it. We need copies of your documents to make sure that it was you who paid money for unused ticket. Thank you for your understanding!

If you received a receipt but did not receive tickets to your e-mail – most likely, your payment was unsuccessful.
Check you balance: bank must return money spent for buying a ticket to your card.
In future to solve such issues fast, you need to call the bank and our contact center.
And remember: only printed electronic tickets can be used to go on a trip!

Unfortunately, this is not possible.
At the stage of forming a ticket we insert your personal information (surname and name) as it is specified in your passport for traveling abroad and in some cases we specify series and number of a passport at the request of a carrier. Since the ticket is an individual one, no one else can use it.

For tours marked with icon, you can use an electronic ticket without printing it! All you need to do is pay for it and show it to a driver when boarding a bus. You can show the ticket from your device (phone, smartphone, tablet, etc.) or say your name and surname.

Tickets and schedule of arrivals give time information according to the time zone of a country you come to.

You can pay in cash at the cash departments of banks and through “"Privatbank" ATM after you book your ticket on the website.

Unfortunately, we don’t have this option, but it will be always convenient for you to get your ticket via e-mail, since it is a document, which gives you right to board a bus.

We advise you to visit the nearest café having Wi-Fi or the Internet connection, there you can create an e-mail box, book, pay for your ticket and receive it. Alternatively, you can visit our office to pay for the ticket and receive its printed version at once.