COMBIWAY UKRAINE website offers services of different carriers, providing domestic and international tours. Each carrier establishes its own system of discounts for clients. That’s why tours from different carriers can differ in conditions of getting discounts greatly.
You can get the following categories of discounts on the website, depending on the carrier
Discounts for students
Student’s discount varies 10-15% % from the ticket cost and is given if a student’s card is available.
To get a student’s discount when booking a ticket, you need to specify availability of the student’s card according to which you will be provided with a discount. Show the student’s card together with the printed ticket to the driver when boarding a bus.
Discounts for children
Discounts for children vary 25% to 99% (depending on a carrier) and are given if a birth certificate is available.
  • Children of 12 years old and younger  —  50%-99% discount;
  • Children of 10-15 years old —  20-25% discount;
  • Children of 4-10 years old —  50% discount;
  • Children of 7 years old and younger (with a separate seat) —  50% discount;
  • Children of 5 years old and younger (without a separate seat) —  99% discount or for free;
  • Children of 0-4 years old (without a separate seat) — from  80% discount and up to free.
To get a discount you need to select it in the form while booking, and use a birth certificate as an identity card. Birth certificate (or other document identifying a person and age) must be shown to the driver together with the printed ticket later when boarding a bus.
Accumulation discounts
Only on our website!
There is a loyalty program on our website. Get 10 UAH upon signing up and spend them for buying tickets.
Further, after every purchase you will get 1-3%of the ticket cost to your personal account. This will make your personal accumulation discount. The discount is given when buying any ticket through your account a ticket for any mode of transport and for any passenger for you as well as for your relatives, friends, colleagues and just travel companions.
Having accumulated enough of discount in your personal account, you can use its money equivalent when you buy tickets. This comprehensive system of discounts can be applied to all tickets for all tours on our website!
For pensioners, senior citizens of 55-60 years old
5%-15% % discount (if a pension card or identity card is available).
For groups of tourists
For groups of 5-6 people traveling together.
The discount comprises is 10%.
For disabled people
10%-15% discount (if a corresponding certificate is available and to be shown).
For young people of 26 and younger 
10-20% discount (if Euro26 card is available and to be shown).
For teenagers of 12-18 years old
10-15% discount.
For animals
(For transportation of a large animal).
The discount for transportation of an animal comprises is 50% from the regular ticket cost.

How to get a discount for a ticket on the website?

Online system will search for the schedule of tours, availability of seats and will display the basic cost of tickets. There is a footnote «available discounts» at every basic cost. Press this button to get information on discounts of this tour. The discount will be displayed in the form of a percentage from the basic tariff. Application of discounts and change of ticket price will take place later upon filling in passenger’s data. The system of the website will automatically recount ticket cost taking into account a discount.

Important. If you buy a ticket with a discount, make sure you take a document confirming your right for the discount! For example, a student’s card (if a student’s discount is applied), birth certificate (a discount for a child) or other document, which proves your right for a discount.

Start saving money when going on a trip right now — together with COMBIWAY UKRAINE!