On the site files cookies are used for gathering information related to the usage of the web-site .

Usage of сookies-files allows to:
  • adapt the web-site to the needs of the users,
  • collect the statistics for views on the web-site,
  • support user session (after logging in to the system) thanks to what the user has not to re-enter the login and password for every subpage of the web-site.  Please keep in mind that the User has the ability to manage cookies in the settings of his/her web browser.
If necessary the cookies-files may be locked.
How user may check settings of cookies-files in his/her browser?
- in Firefox: Options > Privat Property,
- in the browser  Chrome: Settings > Advance Search Capabilities > Confidentiality > Content  Settings,
- in Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet Explorer Properties > Confidentiality (allows to choose different levels of protection) > Additionally,
- in the browser Opera: Settings > Addditionally > Files cookies
Please note that cookies settings are set differently in each browser.
Usually, browsers allow you to use cookies files by default, so we recommend checking the appropriate settings. Restricting or blocking cookies may complicate the use of the site
Using site without changing the settings for cookies files means that they will be saved  in the device memory.
If you do not agree to save this data, please modify your browser settings or leave the site.