How to book and to buy a ticket online through our website

On our website you can:

In Ukraine
In Poland
  • in zloty at "Combiway" (see. contacts);
  • at the Polish post office;
  • online with a bank card;
  • in cash or with a card in any of the stores of the supermarket chain «Żabka» and «Freshmarket»;
  • at the post office or via Moje Rachunki or Kantor Polski;
  • by money order via mPay and SkyCash.

Ticket booking via VIBER

Have you already selected the needed tour and date?
We will book a ticket via VIBER FOR FREE: 095 292 04 02

You need to give us the following information:
  1. Surname and name in Latin characters (according to passport for traveling abroad).
  2. Tour (city of departure and city of arrival).
  3. Date and favorable time.
  4. E-mail for getting confirmation of booking.
  5. Telephone number which will be linked to your order.
!!! Pay attention that after you get a booking number, you need to pay for your ticket.

To look at the schedule

How to get the information on tours, routes, time of departure and time of arrival and basic prices for trips.
  • Enter city of departure.
  • Select destination point.
  • Specify exact date of the trip or use a time window.
  • Press "Search"button and as soon as the system search is completed, you can study tours and basic price (you can see the available discounts next to the price. They will be applied at the moment of placing a trip order).

The system will automatically search for tours of all carriers and bus stations and display all possible options.


  • If a tour is performed rarely, the system will check for the tours within the next few days.
  • In case there are no tours for the needed route or there are no seats for the specified date (this can happen with some international tours at holidays), the system will offer alternative tours, which may meet your requirements!

To book a seat and a ticket for free

  • Select a seat in a bus (if a seat number is not displayed on a bus map which happens with transit tours, you will surely be provided with a seat at boarding a bus).
  • Fill in personal data of each passenger in Latin characters, according to passport for traveling abroad.
  • Select a favorable discount.
  • Specify an e-mail address so as we can send information on booking or an electronic ticket.
  • Make sure you give a telephone number to receive number of booking or ticket.
  • Press«Place an order» button to start the procedure of booking seats in a bus. This service is free of charge. Usually you can book seats for up to 12 hours.
  • After this you can book a ticket and pay it in any convenient way.
  • Check your e-mail for confirmation letter on booking and/or purchase.

Payment can be made in any currency

Our website has acquiring. You can pay for tickets with a bank card (Visa, MasterCard) in any official currency. Payment sum will be withdrawn from your account after currency conversion at inter-bank exchange rate.
You can pay in:
  • hryvnias;
  • euros;
  • dollars;
  • zloty;
  • rubles;
  • and any other official currency.

Now you see that it is easy to book a ticket!

There are no fines or extra charges for unpaid booking. However, if the ticket is paid, refund conditions according to the carriage tariff are applied. Ticket refund involves the return only of a part of the cost and depends on the time left to the bus departure.
Please contact our managers in case you have difficulties with booking or buying a ticket.