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Book international bus tickets to Poland from many cities of Ukraine.
En routes Kyiv-Warsaw, Poznan-Poltava, Kiev-Wroclaw additional boarding and dropping off passengers take place in the following Polish cities: Chelm, Lublin, Krakow, Katowice and Opole. Bus tickets can be purchased to any of the above mentioned cities or return tickets can be purchased in order to get from such cities to Ukraine.

On this web page one can book or buy bus tickets to Polish cities according to the following routes: Kiev-Warsaw, Poltava-Poznan and Kiev-Wroclaw.

For the return travel for all routes tickets from Poland to Ukraine can be purchased.

The schedule of travels to Poland, as well as of return travels from Polish cities is the next (the frequency): Kyiv-Warsaw – daily, Kiev-Wroclaw – every other day, Poltava-Poznan - every other day as well in both directions: to Poland and back.

Poland is very attractive for a coach travel because of its proximity to Ukraine. This is partly why bus tickets to Poland are so popular, especially in the western regions. Poland is the largest country in Western Europe, in May 2004 it became a EU Member State and that made Poland a kind of "gateway to the Schengen area" for Ukraine. This is why such cheap transport as international coach is very popular. Moreover, the direct flights to Poland are performed only from Kiev, but from Western Ukraine it is much more convenient to travel by coach.

The most popular destinations for coaches that go to Poland are Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Katowice, as well as such border towns as Chelm, Przemysl, Lublin. One may order the tickets online what is particularly popular when there are just few days left before a travel or such a travel is planned to take place during peak travel dates. For instance, tickets to Wroclaw, so-called “student capital of Poland”, are sold quickly like hotcakes. This takes place also because most of carriers give big discounts for students that travel to Wroclaw.  It is not necessary to be a participant of a discount program to get a discount on a travel – it is sufficient to be younger than 26 years old. Although needless to say that the ISIC is certainly helpful for living and travelling in Europe!

Bus routes to Poland:

Kyiv – Zhitomir - Novohrad-Volynskyi – Rovno – Lutsk – Kovel – Yagodyn – Chelm – Lublin – Warsaw.
Kyiv - Zhitomir - Rovno - Lvov - Krakow - Katowice - Opole - Wroclaw.
Poltava - Lubny - Kyiv - Zhitomir - Rovno - Lutsk - Volodymyr-Volynsky  - Ustyluh border checkpoint - Chelm - Lublin - Warsaw - Poznan.

Ticket prices are usually low because of the high level of competition. For instance, the price of a bus ticket from Kyiv to Warsaw during the discount campaign starts from 450 UAH. Normal price of a bus ticket from Kyiv to Warsaw starts from 550 UAH, but discounts may be offered in the case of a relevant age group or when a group ticket is requested. It is possible to find very cheap return tickets, i.e. from Warsaw to Kiev.

The price of the coach ticket from Kyiv to Wroclaw is 745 UAH. At the same time, the normal price of the bus ticket from Kyiv to Wroclaw is 937,50 UAH. At the same time it is much more profitable to order tickets from Kyiv to Wroclaw at special price in advance (there are only several such seats in the coach on every trip) than to search for more affordable options, because the travel from Lvov to Wroclaw will cost 625 UAH.

However, each route offers a lot of opportunities for passengers. Thus a bus that goes to Wroclaw may help to order a trip from Lvov to Krakow or from Lvov to Katowice. The price of the bus ticket from Lvov to Krakow is 500 UAH, the price of the coach ticket from Lvov to Katowice is the same. You can check the price of any ticket on the site at any time. Moreover, passengers have the opportunity to book a ticket several days in advance. It may be sufficient for application for a Polish visa (Schengen area). You can book a bus ticket free of charge on-line also. The maximum booking period for a bus ticket to Poland is 5 days, but everything depends on the departure of a coach. The specific number of days in such period is specified in the booking confirmation letter which will be received by a future passenger by e-mail. During this time one can pay for a ticket online, which actually means that one buys such a ticket online. Of course one can buy a bus ticket to Poland in a cashbox in the city center in particular, but it would be faster to do it online. 
Poland is a country with mysterious history, great cultural heritage and beautiful sceneries. And it is absolutely necessary to visit this wonderful country at the slightest opportunity. We offer you to travel to Poland by our European-class coaches that are fully equipped with everything necessary for your maximum comfort and many unforgettable remembrances.
Thus it is time for a journey, and the main thing is not to forget to take an international passport with a valid Schengen visa, travel insurance and, of course, bus tickets.
It is necessary to clarify preliminary what are the baggage allowances for such international travel.
Poland has strong music and theatrical traditions, also thanks to its world-famous composer. These traditions have embodied in many musical events. In Warsaw and many other big Polish cities one can visit many theatres and concert halls that have the wide variety of musical and cultural events.    The main theatrical and musical event in Poland is the National Festival which is clearly called «Warsaw Theatre Meetings», and the musical event of the year is the festival «Heineken Open’er Festival». Of course music and football events attract fans and enthusiasts from neighbouring countries, and such people often choose an international coach as the mode of transport.

Poland has also many architectural attractions, many of which are worth your special attention. There is the famous Royal Castle right on the Palace Square in Warsaw: it is the place where young Chopin performed his first concerts. Gradually you move from the current capital to the former one, but not less fabulous ancient city of Krakow, which incorporates the past and the future of Poland, and there you can admire ancient cathedrals and town halls as well as modern European squares.
All the center of that nice city, the Old city, is entered in the register of the UNESCO World Heritage. The beautiful city of Wroclaw is located at several islands that are interconnected by more than a hundred bridges.

Poznan is a city where the Polish state was being created more than a thousand years ago, and currently, the city is the largest industrial center of Poland. The most visited tourist attractions in the city are the church of St. Wojciech and the Barefoot Carmelites monastery. Moreover, Poznan, like Lvov in Ukraine, is an important transport hub. From Poznan you can get to many cities in Germany or in other Western European countries.

There are many interesting cities in Poland, including not only big cities, but also smaller cities. Poles are considered to be very hospitable people who love holidays, they follow traditions. Thanks to our company, you will have a safe and pleasant journey!

When you have free time and you do not want to spend it simply sitting on a sofa, the ideal alternative is a journey. If you have chosen the mentioned kind of rest, but still do not know where to travel, you are always welcome in Poland. Poland is one of the fastest developing countries in Europe. Due to historical reasons we are connected to Poland in many aspects and it played a powerful role in the development of our country.

Poland may propose a rest for every taste. Such cities as Krakow, Warsaw, Poznan are not only the largest cities in that country.  These cities are unique but also very similar at the same time, because they embodied the most ancient traditions on the basis of which Poland developed into the country we know today.  To true fans of history the country of kings will show beautiful castles. The Royal Castle in Warsaw, the Royal Castle in Krakow, Wilanow Palace, Bishops Palace, Ksiaz Castle, Royal Castle in Wroclaw – in all these places kings and queens lived and ruled the Polish land.

If you need a peace of mind, you also have to go to Poland. This is because Poland is considered to be a very religious country, it can be argued that it is one of the most religious countries. Despite most of Poles are Catholics, the soles of Orthodoxies, Protestants and Muslims will also find a shelter there.  Poland is famous for its churches and cathedrals from ancient times, and you can feel a special atmosphere of sacrament there.

Residents of big cities often want to spend time in nature in their spare time. Poland is rich in unspoiled nature, lakes and channels. You can always enjoy fresh air and think about eternity in the Babia Gora, Biebrza, Wigry, Wolin, Narew National Parks. And that is not the entire list. If you admire mysteries of mountains, then it is time for you to visit the Three Crowns mountain range. The Wroclaw Zoological Garden is the oldest and biggest zoo in Poland and it opens the door to tourists with children.

Many of us associate Poland with festivals and fairs. Restless Poles entertain their guests almost all the year. In the homeland of such outstanding musicians as Frederick Chopin, Krzysztof Penderecki, Stanislaw Moniuszko  take place annual festivals of classical, organ, jazz and contemporary (the Warsaw Autumn Festival) music. The Polish Short Film Festival will also not leave you indifferent. And when you visit the international children and youth folk festival, you just cannot sit still.

You will be definitely circling in one of Polish national dances. Friendly Poles will be glad to see you at any time of the year!