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Sale of tickets for bus trips with the regularity of each other day: Kyiv 18:00 ("Centralnyi" Bus Station, Moscowskaya Square 3) - Zhitomir 20:10 (Bus Station, Kyivska Street, 93) - Rovno 23:00 (Bus Station, Kyivska Street, 40) - Lvov 02:30 (Bus Station, Stryiska Street, 109) – border check point (Krakovets/Shegyni 03:25-04:15) - border check point (Korchova/Medyka 03:20-04:10) - Krakow 08:40 (Bus Station, Bosacka Street, 18) - Katowice 10:00 (Bus Station, st. Piotra Skargi 8) - Opole 12:20 (Bus Station, 1 Maja Street, 4) - Wroclaw 14:00 (Bus Station, Sucha Street, 1).

Travels to Wroclaw are one the most popular. And really, why no to visit one of the biggest and most beautiful cities of Poland.

To go to Poland by bus regardless of the purpose (to work, rest, study, see a show) – is not just a trip, but always a real journey. When you sit in a comfortable chair in a bus, you immediately forget about daily routine and Your thoughts fly in front of the bus on the way through the fields, cities and boarders towards new experiences, meetings, another life!

Therefore every potential passenger begins with choice of the mode of transport, and many of us prefer bus transportations. Travel by bus has many advantages and the main of them are new impressions and saving money.

The schedule of our route from Kiev to Wroclaw is: departure of buses at 18:00 from "Centralnyi" Bus station located at Moscowskaya Square, 3 (the nearest underground station is «Demiyvska») in Kyiv, the next cities are: Zhitomir at 20:10 with the departure from the bus station located at Kyivska Street, 93, from Rivne from the bus station located at Kyivska Street, 40 the departure is at 23:00 and from the Central Bus Station in Lvov (Stryiska Street, 109) at 02:30. Then buses go to the border check point and arrive to Krakow in the morning at 08:40 to the bus station located at Bosacka Street, 18, and then buses arrive at 10:00 to Katowice to the bus station located at: st. Piotra Skargi 8, then arrive to Opole at 12:20 (to the bus station located at 1 Maja Street, 4) and arrive to the final point of the route in Wroclaw at 14:00 (since the Wroclaw central bus station is being reconstructed, the  bus stop is near this station near the temporary terminal, but the bus station located at Sucha Street, 1 will work again in the nearest future).

The day of the departure comes, You cross the threshold of Your home and You may argue that the travel begins. You are given the choice of several options how to get to the bus station. The most convenient option is, of course, to get a taxi. But it does not always guarantee that You will arrive in time. Otherwise You may join passengers of a bus. And, of course, the fastest way is to dive into the underground world of metro. We advice to start the trip in advance and arrive to the bus station half an hour before the departure. Coaches always departure in time and thus, as people say, seven people do not wait for one person. To arrive to a bus station earlier is not very difficult, because You can always take a break in waiting room of a terminal.

Our buses departure from Kyiv to Wroclaw at 18:00 from the Central Bus Station in Kyiv and we have chosen such time with a purpose. Because the travel time from Kyiv to Wroclaw is about 20 hours. And this is the fastest trip – our buses make minimum number of stops during the trip! The time of arrival to Wroclaw is the next day at 14:00, and this allows to hold all the necessary meetings safely before the end of the day, be accommodated in a hotel and solve other prior tasks. Our «night express» is virtually a hotel-on-wheels, when during sleep in a comfortable seating we travel by bus and do not lose our precious time, and the saved time we will better spend with our relatives, friends or will have a rest, excursions or even work! Yet during the daytime the travel from Kyiv to Wroclaw goes through such cities as Zhitomir, Rovno, Lvov, and in the morning buses being already in Poland go to and make stops in Krakow, Katowice and Opole. At every bus stop You will have from 5 to 10 minutes for Your personal needs. Our routes are operated by modern comfortable buses Neoplan and Setra with air-conditioners and TV. In order to make the cheapest tickets for our trips to Wroclaw, we refused from stewards, but there is a second driver in the bus, and one can always address to him very different questions and requests – he will do everything that is possible for You during the travel. The base price of the ticket from Kyiv to Wroclaw is 850 UAH, but the price may vary within plus or minus 100 UAH depending on the season, loading of the trip and days of the week. We offer discounts to students, children and pensioners. We often organize sales, including such sales when price of ticket to Wroclaw drops to 40%. Of course, the number of promotional bus tickets is limited, therefore we recommend to monitor information on the site from time to time before the trip in order to buy a discount ticket in time.

Special attention should be always paid to crossing the border. A passenger should take care that all the documents are in complete order. You need an international passport and visa. Polish visa center is located in Kyiv at the next address: Sportivnaya Square, 1-А. You will be able to find detailed information on the documents required to obtain a visa there.

When You are abroad You will probably want to purchase different souvenirs, unusual drinks and delicious food. When you plan such purchases You should also be aware of entry and exit rules of neighboring countries. Such information may be obtained in a border guard service. It is also important to be aware of baggage allowance of the chosen bus carrier company. Usually You have to pay for exceeding such allowance, therefore be ready for it.

When the goal is reached, beautiful and ancient Wroclaw opens its soul for You. Every year thousands of tourists arrive to Wroclaw again and again like they are under hypnosis of its beauty. Here lovers of nature can find an outlet by visiting the living relic – Japanese garden or Botanical garden which contains the most rare and beautiful wildlife specimens. Raclawice panorama, Centennial Hall, Wroclaw Cathedrall Town Hall and Tumski island will tell to history buffs about their own rich history and secrets. Residents of Wroclaw are always glad to see guests. In comfortable cafes and restaurants one can enjoy amazing Polish cuisine. In Wroclaw You are always welcome.

May we wish You a nice trip which will turn into interesting journey!

On this page bus tickets are sold for the next route: Kyiv - Zhitomir - Rovno - Lvov - Krakow - Katowice - Opole - Wroclaw.

Also return tickets Wroclaw-Kyiv, from Poland to Ukraine are proposed:

08:30 Wroclaw bus station, Sucha Street, 1

10:10 Opole bus station, 1 Maja Street, 4

12:00 Katowice bus station, st. Piotra Skargi, 8

13:20 Krakow bus station, Bosacka Street, 18

Border Check Point Korchova/Medyka 17:30-18:10 - Border Check Point Krakovets/Shegyni 19:15-19:55

21:00 Lvov Bus Station, Stryiska Street, 109

00:00 Rovno Bus Station, Kyivska Street, 40

04:00 Zhitomir Bus Station, Kyivska Street, 93

06:20 Kyiv Bus Station "Centralnyi", Moscowskaya Street, 3.