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Krakow is the perfect place to begin travels in Poland from Ukraine. From Western Ukraine it is faster and cheaper to get there than from Kyiv, but the direct route from the capital of Ukraine is, of course, more comfortable. If it is possible to travel from Lvov directly, the passenger can save his/her time.

The regularity of the trip: every other day: Kyiv 18:00 (Bus Station "Centralny", Moscowskaya Square 3) - Zhitomir 20:10 (Bus Station, Kievskaya Street 93) - Rovno 23:00 (Bus Station, Kievskaya Street, 40) - Lvov 02:30 (Bus Station, Stryiska Street 109) - border checkpoint (Krakowetz/Shehyni 03:25-04:15) - border checkpoint (Korchova/Medyka 03:20-04:10) - Krakow 08:40 (Bus Station, Bosacka Street 18) - Katowice - Opole – Wroclaw. Check out the schedule online.

You may order a bus ticket online. Because in such case Your bus ticket from Kyiv to Krakow will cost only approximately 600 UAH! The price may also significantly vary depending on the departure point. From Lvov one may get to Krakow much faster and the ticket price starts from 350 UAH. Check more carefully on the site, because many carriers give significant discounts, including such discounts for students that go to Poland to study or just visit famous cultural capital of Poland– Krakow.

Krakow is also very important for passenger transportation, especially in terms of routes in Poland. One can get to Wroclaw via Krakow, and then, for instance, to Prague. There is Zakopane ski resort near Krakow, that is why the bus route is very interesting for skiers or snowboarders. Moreover, it is not necessary to buy personal ski or snowboard.

And actually have You ever met a person who does not like to travel? I think, not! At least I have not!!! This is especially true for young people who go for their first independent travel.

According to the statistics, most of potential travelers are going to travel as far as possible from native places! It always seems to us that somewhere there… far away... is always better! But in fact, in the pursuit of inaccessible locations we absolutely do not notice places closer to us, but not less beautiful!

One of such beautiful places is Krakow!!! There are cheap food and great opportunities for entertainment in Krakow. Krakow is famous for its water park, Poland is famous for its shopping and the guests like them both.

Krakow is one of the biggest cities in Poland and, of course, one of the most beautiful!

There are many ways to get to Krakow. Currently many travelers prefer bus transportations! Such bus trip is exciting and very money saving!

The passengers are transported in comfortable buses equipped with air conditioners, free Wi-Fi and universal socket. Every 2-3 hours the driver makes a stop for various needs!

When You arrive to Krakow You will not get bored. It is difficult to find so many interesting and history's important places in any other city of the world!!! Just the number of museums here exceeds 15. The most popular among them are: Galicia Jewish museum, Historical Museum, Museum of Stained Glass, National Museum in Krakow, Museum of History of Photography, etc.

Krakow is the royal capital of Poland! You will be able to make sure of this when You visit the Royal Castle at the Wawel Hill and the Palace of Bishop Erasmus Ciolek. As You probably know, Poland is considered to be a very religious country. Krakow is not an exception, there are 39 Catholic churches, 25 monasteries, 7 synagogues and many chapels there. Also in Krakow You will be able to see with Your own eyes, of course, a real work of art – painting «Lady with an Ermine» created by Leonardo da Vinci in 1485. The painting is kept at the Szartoryski museum.

If You are in Krakow but You do not have much time, then such popular tourist route as the Royal Road will ideally suit You, which includes visiting of many sights of Krakow!

You will remember Your trip to Krakow for a long time and the city will not leave You indifferent!