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Booking international bus tickets to Europe from Ukraine.

Sale of bus tickets in recent years takes place online – it is a worldwide practice. In order to book a seat in a bus which comes to one of European countries one should have access to Internet and visit a site, and then use a search engine. From the proposed according to the set parameters options, you should select the most appropriate one and then either buy immediately, using the system and the payment card or book a ticket. In both cases you should fill in a form where you should indicate your true passenger data. This information will be recorded in the database of a carrier, thus the bus ticket purchased online will include the name. There is no sense to steal an E-ticket to Europe in such case, because no one else, except the person indicated during the sale, will not be able to use the service of passenger transportation. A bus ticket to Europe includes the number of international passport (it is a necessary condition).

The procedure for ticket sales:

  • Specify the town of departure.
  • Choose the point of arrival (town in Europe).
  • Specify the exact date of the trip (or the time period if the functional allows you to do that).
  • Choose the number of passengers with the indication of privileged groups (children, youth, pensioners).
  • After pressing the "Search" button read the travel options and select the appropriate one.
  • Enter the personal data for each passenger in Latin and according to the international passport.
  • Confirm a reservation or pay for bus tickets.
  • Check your email – you should have got the confirmation letter regarding booking and/or purchase there.
  • The e-ticket should be printed out.

Routes of buses

Routes of buses that are offered on the website are connected to others because they pass through numerous transport hubs, the most significant of which are Kyiv, Lviv and Warsaw. Although this fact does not exclude the possibility of change from one route to another in any place where a bus stops. Connection between buses can be planned using the computer method - for this purpose it is not necessary to remember schedules and prices - the system can find all the possibilities itself. From hundreds of European cities you can choose any which is most suitable for a change or excursion.