Company’s mission – freedom of travel for everyone!

Every day trip is a common practice almost for everyone. We go on a trip before our birth together with our mother, as soon as we are born we travel in a baby stroller, in our childhood we ride a scooter and later we ride a bicycle. We use a lift, an escalator, a mini bus, a taxi, a tram, a trolleybus, a bus, a train, we go by plane and by ship. All this is a realization of our needs in going from one place to another.
What is the fastest thing in the world? It’s a thought! A thought generates a Wish! A Wish generates an Action! Action is the way to bring Wishes to life. A chance to bring our Wishes to life is called Freedom.
We work to help you realize your wish or need of traveling. This is the Mission of our Company – to make Freedom of travel available for everyone! Online sales of bus tickets is the realization of our desire to make traveling more affordable and more comfortable for everyone!

What is "COMBIWAY UKRAINE"? It is a portal where the best offers from international bus carriers are selected.

You can buy bus tickets at the most favorable prices through the website.

We work directly with the carriers, so we always have the latest and up-to-date offers. We work with many routes and you can easily buy a bus ticket to Poland, to the Czech Republic, to Germany, to Italy and to other European countries as well as to Russia, to Belarus, to Moldova – to any corner of the world, which can be reached by a bus. As soon as you make an order, you can select the most convenient payment option – with a card of any bank, through the automated teller machine, in a cash office or pay for a ticket in cash in our office in the center of Kyiv.

The company does not render direct services on passenger carriage, though we have a professional contact center to give support to passengers. Our call center agents will be glad to answer all your questions, to help you select and buy a ticket, to give advice on all issues relating your trip. They also can contact with your carrier if needed.

Reasons to buy bus tickets through our website

  • we offer wide range of quality-price ratio options;
  • you can book a ticket almost for any tour absolutely for free;
  • you can buy tickets in advance;
  • it is easy and convenient to buy tickets online. You don’t have to go anywhere, all you need to do is print your travel document at any convenient place;
  • mobile version of the website allows you to search for, book and buy tickets any time and anywhere
  • you can buy bus tickets even if you have no cash, with the help of a card;
  • you can pay for your ticket in any currency at the rate of your bank;
  • handy system of data storage after the registration is completed, allows you to fill in all the fields automatically every time you buy a ticket;
  • thanks to the direct cooperation with our carriers  "COMBIWAY UKRAINE" can offer exclusive discounts for tickets to one way as well as to round-trips;
  • we improve our website all the time to make your trip even more convenient. No matter whether you go on a business trip, to study or for pleasure;
  • you can forget about long lines at the bus stations, search for currency exchange offices or a language barrier if you travel with "COMBIWAY UKRAINE". Your bus ticket is available for you in any country!