Company’s mission – freedom of travel for everyone!

Every day trip is a common practice almost for everyone. We go on a trip before our birth together with our mother, as soon as we are born we travel in a baby stroller, in our childhood we ride a scooter and later we ride a bicycle. We use a lift, an escalator, a mini bus, a taxi, a tram, a trolleybus, a bus, a train, we go by plane and by ship. All this is a realization of our needs in going from one place to another.

What is the fastest thing in the world? It’s a thought! A thought generates a Wish! A Wish generates an Action! Action is the way to bring Wishes to life. A chance to bring our Wishes to life is called Freedom.

We work to help you realize your wish or need of traveling. This is the Mission of our Company – to make Freedom of travel available for everyone! Online sales of bus tickets is the realization of our desire to make traveling more affordable and more comfortable for everyone!

What is "COMBIWAY UKRAINE"? It is a portal where the best offers from international bus carriers are selected.

You can buy bus tickets at the most favorable prices through the website.

We work directly with the carriers, so we always have the latest and up-to-date offers. We work with many routes and you can easily buy a bus ticket to Poland, to the Czech Republic, to Germany, to Italy and to other European countries as well as to Russia, to Belarus, to Moldova – to any corner of the world, which can be reached by a bus. As soon as you make an order, you can select the most convenient payment option – with a card of any bank, through the automated teller machine, in a cash office or pay for a ticket in cash in our office in the center of Kyiv.

The company does not render direct services on passenger carriage, though we have a professional contact center to give support to passengers. Our call center agents will be glad to answer all your questions, to help you select and buy a ticket, to give advice on all issues relating your trip. They also can contact with your carrier if needed.

Reasons to buy bus tickets through our website

  • we offer wide range of quality-price ratio options;
  • you can book a ticket almost for any tour absolutely for free;
  • you can buy tickets in advance;
  • it is easy and convenient to buy tickets online. You don’t have to go anywhere, all you need to do is print your travel document at any convenient place;
  • mobile version of the website allows you to search for, book and buy tickets any time and anywhere
  • you can buy bus tickets even if you have no cash, with the help of a card;
  • you can pay for your ticket in any currency at the rate of your bank;
  • handy system of data storage after the registration is completed, allows you to fill in all the fields automatically every time you buy a ticket;
  • thanks to the direct cooperation with our carriers  "COMBIWAY UKRAINE" can offer exclusive discounts for tickets to one way as well as to round-trips;
  • we improve our website all the time to make your trip even more convenient. No matter whether you go on a business trip, to study or for pleasure;
  • you can forget about long lines at the bus stations, search for currency exchange offices or a language barrier if you travel with "COMBIWAY UKRAINE". Your bus ticket is available for you in any country!

Buses, Trains, Planes

The more distant our trip is, the less often we can go on such a trip, but such trips are more important for us, we prepare for such trips: we choose transport depending on its comfort, travel time, accessibility and financial possibilities. Long-distance trips usually are made by aircrafts, trains, buses.

Long-distance bus trips (from 200 up to 3000 km) are made by tourist class buses. Buses are the most popular mode of transport due to the most wide geography of the routes. They do not require rails, airports, and there are roads in any settlement.
Travels by train are the most comfortable way of budget travels. Development of modern technologies allows to constantly increase the speed of passenger trains, and at a distance of from 500 up to 3000 kilometers they became real competitors of buses and aircrafts.

Air travels are perceived as something super since the childhood! In the adult life aviation has distinct advantages during long-distance trips over 3000 km and flights over water – at such places where road transport will not pass. When the travel distance vary from 1000 and 2000 km buses and trains during last decades compete with low-cost airlines that operate cheap flights by their aircrafts.

Modern technologies of booking and buying transport tickets

Internet becomes more and more popular source of information for all mankind. Also, this relates to the transportation industry. Information about all modes of transport is widely available: including information on careers, routes, service on board, ticket price, etc. – everything is available on the Internet. But the transportation industry is a very dynamic market that responses promptly to changes in the economy and its customer needs. In this industry often changes can occur in ticket price, schedules, points of departure and arrival. Therefore it is important to provide passengers with correct and reliable information, but such information is not available on all sites. Only sites that work with online technologies can instantly provide real-time information updates. Expensive technologies as well as global and local information systems are used for ticket sales, dispatching service, gathering statistics and planning.

Modern systems of booking enable a customer to find and choose a necessary route and book tickets (to book seats for him/herself) and to pay in a convenient way (in cash or with a banking card) promptly or later. On our site online bus, plane or train seats booking service is free of charge.

The procedure of selling tickets online:

  • Indicate the departure city.
  • Choose the point of arrival  
  • Indicate the specific date of travel or the time period (if the system allows to do that).
  • Choose the number of passengers and indicate privileged groups (children, youth, pensioners).
  • When you push the "Search" button, look at different possible travels and choose the most appropriate one.
  • Enter personal data of every passenger in Latin characters according to the international passports.
  • Confirm booking or pay for bus tickets.
  • Check Your e-mail box – a confirmation letter regarding the booking and/or purchase should be there.
  • You should print the E-ticket out (print-at-home).  

Coach transport in Europe

Bus routes that are offered on the site can be easily connected to other modes of transport because they pass through many transport hubs, the biggest of which are Kyiv, Lvov, Krakow, Warsaw, Frankfurt, Berlin. Despite this fact does not exclude the possibility of change to another route in any city where buses stop. Interconnections of buses and their interconnections with trains may be planned by program method – it is not necessary to remember the schedule and tariffs – the system may find all the possibilities.

In the current European market of migrant workers trips and travels buses are the most appropriate mode of transport for such trips. The most popular bus routes are from Ukraine to Poland, Germany, Spain, Russia, Czech.

Poland is the transit country for travels from countries of Eastern Europe, including Ukraine, to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium and France. One could get to Swiss, Italy, France, Austria and Hungary via Czech.
Many people travel by bus between European countries from Germany to Poland, Italy, Spain, France and England.

Bus tickets

Bus is one of the most popular modes of passenger transport that provides services of domestic, regional and international connection. Moreover, it is the cheapest way of passengers transportation. In comparison with trains or planes bus may have advantages, but may be slower and less comfortable at the same time. But a lower price is paid for a bus trip, because it is relatively money-saving transport that enables one to make money-saving travels.

Bus tickets as well as tickets on other modes of transport may be ordered online. The technology is adopted from aviation. In Europe and the USA more that 75% of all tickets are bought online. Every year the technologies are improved. If initially tickets should be exchanged in a cash box for their paper analogues, then now printing tickets out at home is more and more practiced (print-at-home). It means that a bus e-ticket that had been sent to your e-mail and printed at home with a printer gives you a full right to travel and is equal to a ticket sold in a cash box of bus station. During booking online all the information is entered to the carriers’ databases, thus, a bus ticket bought online is connected with the passenger's name. Therefore, there is no sense to steal such a ticket, because no one except a person mentioned during the purchase can use this passenger transportation service. In recent times for international bus travels it is enough to show or tell the number of the ticket, to show a document confirming the person during the boarding – and the journey begins!

It is convenient: today one can not only buy but also book a bus ticket without visiting a sales office. The only thing that the passenger really need is correct personal data entered during the booking procedure. In the case if during the mentioned term a person does not pay for the booked ticket, the booking will be cancelled, and all the information will be deleted from the system, and the chosen seats will become available for further sale or booking.

Example of the most popular routes between Ukraine and Poland

Bus from Kyiv to Warsaw

Buses from Kyiv to Warsaw are very popular, because they offer the lowest fare for this destination on the market. This route goes not through Lvov, but through Lutsk what allows to decrease the ticket price and travel time.
The ticket prices for buses from Kyiv to Warsaw are from 490 up to 625 UAH.
Warsaw is popular as the destination point because of the next reasons:

  • two big international airports that host several low-cost airlines;
  • international coaches to all European countries that create possibilities of further travels;
  • connection to European railroad network;
  • a big number of universities (that is why there are always discounts for students);
  • the city is a beautiful historical and cultural center – there are many tourists there.

All these make Warsaw the transportation hub which may also offer low ticket prices for all basic European destinations. It allows traveling across Europe cheap.
There is also one indirect reason why Poland and particularly Warsaw are popular – it is possible to get a visa to the EU in more visa centers in comparison with other countries. For most of habitants of the regions it means that there is no reason to go to Kyiv in order to get a visa what considerably saves passengers' time and money.

Bus Poltava-Poznan-Szczecin

Bus Poltava-Poznan-Szczecin goes through Kyiv and Warsaw on its way and therefore it solves many transportation problems. One can board this bus at any bus station from which tickets are sold. One can check availability of seats with a search engine on the site. Also on the site one can see the ticket prices and the schedule.
Szczecin is interesting for students who study in Polish universities, because the city is the second student center after Wroclaw, and also it is possible to get quickly to the capital of Germany - Berlin – they are within 2:30 hours of each other. Also from Szczecin one can get easily to Gdansk from which by plane one can get to any Baltic country for not big money.

Bus from Kyiv to Wroclaw

Bus from Kyiv to Wroclaw goes through several Ukrainian and Polish cities on its way, thus provides transport connection between many cities. One can check availability of seats in the bus from Kyiv to Wroclaw with a search engine on the site. Also on the site one can see the ticket prices and the schedule.
Wroclaw is interesting not only for students that study in Polish universities, but also for Ukrainian citizens that are going to travel further to other European countries by trains and by planes. Also one can easily get from Wroclaw to several other Polish cities, and moreover, from Wroclaw one can get by plane of a low-cost carrier to Paris, Barcelona, Naples and to many other cities and countries of Europe

Use our services – be more free in Your choice!

The personnel of our company tries to provide our clients with the most convenient bus tickets booking service.
Our purpose is the search of best possibilities of travelling by different modes of transport, possibility to book tickets online and to pay for them in an acceptable and convenient way.

Every visitor of our site of transport tickets sale will be able to choose that way of travel that is the most appropriate for him/her. And every purchase of tickets on the site is a bonus for every client. Bonuses received after the  journey then can be used during purchase of a bus ticket.
Travel comfortable and safe, and we will assist You in the selection of transport for the journey!

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